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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it cheaper to keep my heating on all day?

According to experts at the Energy Saving Trust, as well as British Gas, the idea that it’s cheaper to leave the heating on low all day is a myth. They’re clear that having the heating on only when you need it is, in the long run, the best way to save energy, and therefore money.


Does hot water need to be on for central heating?

With central heating, you have a single boiler heating up your water. This water is then pumped through pipes to radiators installed in different rooms around the house. 


What should I set the thermostat to in winter?

General recommendations for winter thermostat settings: If someone is at home in the daytime, 72° F (22° C) is a good start, but aim for 68° F (20° C). If everyone is away from home in the daytime, or you’re asleep at night, we feel 66° F (19° C) to 62° F (17° C) is best.


How long does it take to fit central heating?

How long does it take to install a new central heating system? On average, I’d usually say a new central heating system can take around 2 – 3 days to install, if we’re talking a boiler and around 6 – 8 radiators.

Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler at the start of Winter

With summertime passing and as we move into Autumn then Winter you will need to be sure your central heating is in tip-top condition. This is the time of year we place heavy demands on the system to keep us warm. Call ABC for your free home consultation

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By law, all gas engineers must be on the gas safe register to work safely and legally on gas appliances. Company Reg number 218947

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Using a SNIPEF Licensed Plumber gives you peace of mind that you are choosing a plumbing business which uses properly trained and qualified operatives. Reg number 031144

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