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Servicing a combi boiler

Why do I need to Service my Boiler?

Keeping your combi boiler in good working condition is more important than people realise. When trying to juggle a busy lifestyle it’s understandable that servicing a central heating boiler gets pushed to the back of the queue.

  • Why should I service my boiler?
  • How often do I need to service my boiler?
  • What will happen if I don’t service my boiler?
  • How much does it cost to service my boiler?

Today’s central heating boilers are precision machinery and just as your car needs a yearly MOT your boiler should have an annual service.

The main reason you should service your boiler is down to safety, a faulty boiler can leak CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, killing around 50 people per year and hospitalises 200 people.

The second reason boiler servicing is essential is that you can reduce your energy bills and in turn save money. If an engineer can assure your boiler is working as efficiently as possible this will prevent you from wasting your cash on excess energy.

Benefits of Servicing Your Boiler

Winters in the UK can fluctuate so it’s crucial to make sure your boiler is always in top working condition. Not only will a well-maintained boiler always be there to deliver the heat when you need it, but it will also ensure you’re not tossing money down the drain for no reason.

Efficient maintenance reduces the need for repairs

Like any other type of high-tech machinery, a neglected boiler will be more prone to breaking down. Breakdowns mean expensive repairs that could have been avoided if the boiler had been properly cared for in the first place.

Maintenance checks will spot tiny issues before they turn into big problems.

Routine maintenance ensures safe operation

Having your combi boiler inspected on a regular basis will help ensure that all the vital parts are in safe working order. Since boilers utilize combustible materials to generate heat and hot water it’s important that the flame safeguards, the safety release valve and other key components are working their best. If they’re not you may experience expensive accidents that could cost more than just money.

A well-maintained boiler is more efficient

A dirty boiler is an inefficient boiler. An inefficient boiler is one that will require more fuel to do its job. More fuel equals bigger energy bills.

By keeping your boiler clean and in proper running order it will make the most of the expensive fuel you feed it and keep energy bills as low as possible.

Good maintenance prolongs your boiler’s life

Just as with a car if you keep your boiler well maintained it will not only run more efficiently, it will last longer.

Regular maintenance checks will prolong the life of your boiler as a well-trained engineer can spot things others would miss like tiny cracks and leaks that could undermine the integrity of the unit. In the end, you’ll save big by not having to replace the boiler.

Holding on to an old boiler is money down the drain 

Even if you take good care of your boiler it will reach a point one day where it’s been left behind by technological advances.

Holding on to it simply becomes an exercise in throwing money down the drain. A new boiler will not be cheap, but you’ll regain much of the expense in just a few years through energy savings. Replace your boiler if:

It’s more than 15 years old – As stated no matter how well-maintained your boiler is if it’s more than 15 years old it’s time to swap it out for a more efficient one.

It’s breaking down regularly – If you’re calling the repairman more than once or twice a year at most, then it’s time to put your boiler out to pasture.

Your energy bills are rising for no apparent reason – If your boiler is starting to gobble up energy at an alarming rate it’s time to give it the gold watch treatment and show it the door.

It’s making loud unexplained noises – If this is the case have the repairman over for a look. What you’ll likely hear is that some elements of the HVAC system need to be replaced.

Your combi boiler should be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer once a year. Manufacturers also require this so as not to invalidate your warranty.

 Our Gas Safe registered engineers are equipped to serve all types of domestic central heating boilers, including Condensing, Combi, System and Conventional systems and different brands such as Glow-worm and Worcester Bosch and more.

A good boiler service should include

  • A visual check of the boiler and flue, if possible.
  • Checks on the flue (externally and internally).
  • Checking the operating pressure and/or heat input.
  • Checking safety devices.
  • Check that case seals form an effective seal.
  • Boiler casing removed to check all main boiler components (burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark and sensor probe).
  • Boiler fixed safely to identify any working faults.
  • Boiler parts cleaned, if necessary.
  • A service report showing everything that the engineer has done.


You can trust ABC Plumbing & Heating to service your boiler properly. All our engineers are approved by the Gas Safe Register, the UK’s official registration body designed to protect the public against unqualified engineers and unsafe gas work.


Benefits of Replacing Your Boiler at the start of Winter

With summertime passing and as we move into Autumn then Winter you will need to be sure your central heating is in tip-top condition. This is the time of year we place heavy demands on the system to keep us warm. Call ABC for your free home consultation

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